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Send Us A Photo of Your Designs

The designs are simply endless!  Whether you need a one-of-a-kind Necklace to match that special dress, or love making Necklaces for gifts, our Gorgeous Pendants will truly inspire you!

Do send us photos of your works of art using one of our pendants and state whether you want them posted on this page.

Our Oahu Designer, Jan Knight made all the Designer Necklaces for the JCK Show which were recently hand picked by owners from Bermuda, Marblehead, California, New York and the Bahamas.

Jan has been making necklaces for many years and does not ever plan on retiring. To make sure that no two necklaces are the same, Jan takes photos of each Necklace and has been our designer since 2008.

Thank You Jan and all of our Artisans!