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How Is It Made?!!


delicate precise heat.
We have high expectations of our Glass Art Jewelry, so ONLY Top Quality raw materials from the USA are used. Borosilicate Glass, also known as Hard Glass, or Pyrex Glass was originally developed in Germany in 1893 as a clear glass. In 1986, Colored Borosilicate Glass was brought to market. Then in 2000, Crayon Colors and Aventurine Sparkle Colors became available.

Borosilicate Glass has large amounts of Boron and Silicon which melt at a high temperature. Hard glass, unlike soft glass, is thermal shock resistant and is quite similar to Pyrex Glass Ware which came to market in 1915.

The thermal insulation tiles on the Space Shuttle were coated with black Borosilicate Glass, and lighting manufacturers use Borosilicate Glass in their refractors.

We use Borosilicate “Boro” Glass Rods using a technique called “LAMPWORK” and melt the rods to a temperature of approximately 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit (1649 degrees Celsius) using an Oxygen Propane Torch Flame…and yes…we must use eye protection.

After a piece of Glass Art has been created, it is placed in an annealing oven or kiln and brought slowly down in temperature to prevent cracking.

Pendants, Paperweights, Ornaments and Goblets are the most common items made by Lampworkers.

It takes an artist an average of 2 years to perfect the JELLYFISH Pendant which is available in many colors. A common question that stores are asked is “Is that a real Jellyfish inside?” The answer is NO,
it is 100% Borosilicate Glass.

The OCEAN DREAMS Pendant is made by using a technique called “Fuming”. A Teal Boro Glass Rod is used to make a hot button, and shavings of a Sterling Silver coin are lit. The smoke of the silver shavings is blown across the hot button and captured creating a gorgeous pendant for ocean lovers.

Our CURLY HEART Pendant has metallic (Dichroic) sheets used with the Boro Glass to make them sparkle. You will notice that some Curly Hearts have more Gold, some have more Silver, and some have a light Green or a Pink sparkle to them. Each piece would have experienced a different temperature and a different percentage of metals which affects their color.

The SEA SPONGE Pendant is made with tiny bits of recycled boro called “FRIT” and comes in 4 colors>Red, Purple, Blue and Green.

Our DICHROIC IMAGE Pendants are very difficult to perfect as a very tiny image has to be centered onto a hot button. These images are produced by taking a J-Peg image, and baking it for 11 days on a Dichoric Sheet. The color and size will vary as they are Hand Crafted. We can make various images into Turtles as well, and are open to requests such as your corporate logo.

We are 100% confident that ALL raw materials and techniques we use creates the BEST Glass Art Jewelry on the Planet! Many of our creations were born from our love of Nature. The Marine Life and Flowers in Hawaii keep us inspired. Aloha and Enjoy :)

Our Dichroic FUSED GLASS ADJUSTABLE STERLING SILVER (925) RINGS AND STUDDED EARRINGS are made using up to 30 Layers of Metal Oxides and Crystal Oxides by a vapor deposition process using a Giant Vacuum Chamber. They are fired in a Kiln 2-3 times. The Glass is Hand Cut and a Diamond Grinding Wheel is used. The Fused Glass is fired gradually to a peak of 1500 Degrees Fahrenheit (816 Celsius) for 17 hours each time to create “One of a Kind” very durable Wearable Glass Art Jewelry. Each piece is then epoxied onto the Adjustable Sterling Silver Ring base or Sterling Silver Earring Post using a high quality 2 part epoxy. Our RINGS and EARRINGS can Transmit and Reflect different colors. We guarantee that the color is Permanent and will never fade. Please adjust Gently Only from size 6 to size 9. (American Made by Mother and Daughter Artisans)