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You will be asked "IS THAT A REAL JELLYFISH?" These beauties (Jellyfish #1 shown as a group and Jellyfish #2 shown as a Sideways Swimmer) take about 2 years of practice to perfect. No two are ever the same and the average size is 1 1/2 " long including the loop.

JellyFish #2
Jellyfish #2 come Upright OR as a Sideways Swimmer in various colors. The Black Backgrounds come in a Red Cap, a Green Cap or a Beige Cap AND the Lapis-Blue ... more

Jellyfish #1
Our JELLYFISH #1 come in EIGHT colors: BLACK, LAPIS-BLUE, PURPLE, LAVENDER, AQUA, LIGHT AQUA, GREEN AND RED. Launching 2 of each color is highly successful. ... more