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1423 Round Glass Ring
Description: Our Dichroic FUSED GLASS ADJUSTABLE STERLING SILVER (925) RINGS AND STUDDED EARRINGS are made using up to 30 Layers of Metal Oxides and Crystal Oxides by a vapor deposition process using a Giant Vacuum Chamber. They are fired in a Kiln 2-3 times. The Glass is Hand Cut and a Diamond Grinding Wheel is used. The Fused Glass is Fired gradually to a peak of 1500 Degrees Fahrenheit (816 Celsius) for 17 hours each time to create “One of a Kind” very durable Wearable Glass Art Jewelry. Each piece is then epoxied onto the Adjustable Sterling Silver Ring base or Sterling Silver Earring Post using a high quality 2 part epoxy. Our RINGS and EARRINGS can Transmit and Reflect different colors. We guarantee that the color is Permanent and will never fade. Please adjust Gently Only from size 6 to size 9. (American Made by Mother and Daughter Artisans) and can be cleaned easily with a dab of toothpaste and a damp soft cloth. White, Aqua, Pale Blue, Lavender, Purple, Sage Green, Chartreuse, Autumn Abstract, Amber, Red, Orange/Red.As needed, use a damp cloth with a dab of toothpaste to clean the silver.