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Dichroic Hearts

DICHROIC HEART PENDANTS are stylish with our
Wavy Sterling Silver Chain OR Black Satin-like cord and they make great Gifts and/or Souvenirs. They come in Lapis Blue, Aqua, Red, Pink, White, Purple, Lavender, and Gold. They sell well all year round! Bridesmaids Love these....A Small Heart can be made for the Flower Girl too :)

1 Dichroic Heart Pink
Our Curly Dichroic Hearts are popular all year round and come in White, Pink, Red, Lavender, Purple, Lapis, Light Turquoise, Aqua, Orange, Mint Green and ... more

Dichroic Heart Blue Heart
Each piece is Unique as it all depends on the temperature of the propane torch and the mixture of the dichroic (mixed metals) used.